I am not exactly sure what they are called. I would like to know how to use them. They would be used to do something like create the indentions on a volleyball. Any clues?

A crease is a simple deformation in a surface. Take the opening default cube, edit mode, split. from kepad 1 view, Lasso the top middle row of vertices, and, grab them and move them down a little. Switch to perspective to see your v-shaped crease.

A seam is where two planes or objects are joined together, and in some cases like tectonic plates, they can slide at the seam. Where they meet, they deform each other, so use a lot of subdivides at the edges of each object to accurately model the deformations (scrunching) that occurs in real life.

Just use NOR (normal or bump mapping). It’s easier on the modelling and the computer (renders).

This thread has some pics:


good idea. :slight_smile: the bump map can them be mapped repeating, and used over and over, or rotated, and used in conjunction with a UV map to give an excellent soccer ball. Draw a pentagram (i think) and use it as a bump map on a sphere. You’ll have to extend the lines so they match up for repeating maps, or simply draw one big set of pentagrams and don’t repeat it. elegant.