seams marking problem

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it’s nice write my first post and sorry because my english :-). I’m trying to unwrap my humanoid mesh and when I press U->Unwrap nothing happens. No message error is displayed, but UV Window is still empty. This has happened to me in two different models, so I supose I’m marking my seams in wrong way, but I don’t know where. Maybe I could upload my blender file somewhere, but I’m not allowed to post url.

Some help please?, any ideas?
Thank you in advance.
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did you select everything before unwrapping? the unwrap operators work on the current selection

The most common cause of not seeing the unwrap in the UV/Image editor window is that it is set to show a Render Result. If this is so just delete it with the X button. You should then see the unwrapped mesh of any selected vertices

Thank you Richard,

that was my problem. I had solved it switching my view from default to UV Editing, at the top of the blender window, and it sudenly appeared. I knew it was only a patch and that I wasn’t fixed my problem, but could keep on working :slight_smile:

I’m sorry because the time I have taken to reply. I recived no notification of your response, so I though nobody had reply my post.
Best regards and thanks to gexwing too.