seams visible in rendered image


I have textured my model with projection painting. But in the rendered image the seams are slightly visible. I checked the uv-borders in the UV-editor, but they seem to be all-right.

Any ideas where my fault could be?

Thanks in advance!


Additional Information:

I have found out that it gets better in close-up renders and it gets worse when I am rendering it full.


What you’re encountering is Mipmapping. What happens is that your texture is scaled down (which is a good thing, it makes the end result look better). The problem is that, in downsizing, it takes the average of a couple of pixels and makes that the new pixel. In your case, it takes an area beyond the part that you textured into account.

The solution is, quite simply, to always paint islands to be bigger than the UVs.

Now I am on the right track! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your support!