Seams when baking normals

Okay, I’ve been trying to retopologize my sculpting for two days now (its the my first time so… yeah) and now I’m stuck on the final step: to bake the normal map.
I have succeded to bake the normal map from my highres to my lowres model, but there are terrible seams all over:

I’ve tried to play with the margin, distance and bias under the “Bake” tab, but couldn’t make it look better :frowning:

What shall I do???

Ps. I would love to upload the .blend file too but for some reason my wifi is very slow for the moment, and the .blend counts 300 mbit. I will try again to uploading it later.


I don’t think you’ll be able to upload a 300mb .blend file. I think you could very likely reduce the file size at any rate. Turn down you multiers, get rid of unnecessary textures, geometry and materials. 300mb is pretty enormous. If that doesn’t work, stick it on a file sharing site and post a link.

Finally got it to dropbox!!!

Seems like my attached picture is all wrong too…
And I forgot to attach my baked normal map…

  • Fixed it -

Normal map on dropbox:

So, can somebody help me?


I forgot to check “normal map” under image sampling for the normal map texture!

HA! Well, easy solution. Lots of buttons in Blender.