Seamstress: A UV Seam Generator for Blender (Update 4 Jul 2011)

Hi All,

This is a small project I’ve been working on which generates seams for a mesh. It can weight edges differently to see if they should be seams or not. If it’s useful it will be easy to extend it to use the weight painted values to effect the UV unwrapping.

Download Location


  • Download the above script and place it in your addon folder.
  • Enable ‘Seamstress’ in your user preferences.


  • Select the mesh you want to generate UV seams for and enter edit mode.
  • In the Tools menu, click ‘Seamstress’
  • In the dialog that appears, enter the threshold angle to use. Select whether current seams should be kept.
  • Click OK


  • The mesh must be connected.


Threshold Angle: Edges with angles lower than this value will not be seams.

Keep Seams: Whether any current seams on the mesh will be kept and added to, or discarded.

Demo .blend
Download the demo blend below to see Seamstress in action. Follow these steps:

  • Run the script in the text window
  • Press the Seamstress button in the Tool menu
  • In the popup, set the angle and press OK
  • The UV map using the generated seams are shown in the UV/Image Editor.

Let me know what you think, or even whether it’s useful!



seamstressDemo.blend (337 KB)

works somewhat like smart uv project. not bad. make it mark seams?

It doesn’t work at all:

change faces to polygons, which is the fast fix way

I’m a total beginner in blender, can you tell me how to do this step please? :slight_smile: