Sean Galloway's Batman

Hey guys, I’m making a sculpt of batman for school based on Sean Galloway’s concept :

And on the sculpt of Iren Matar based on that same concept :

this base sculpt took me a bit less than two hours, there’s still a lot to do but I really like where this is going!

please comment and critic!

Edit : It is with a very sad heart that i must say that I lost my USB Key on wich this sculpt was. I had to finish it in a hurry so the result is not cool at all so I won’t post it.

I really like the stylized body. The skinny legs and the bow-legged stance are great. Kind of reminds me of Mister Incredible. I also like the simplified physique. Good start.

The hands and wrists are a bit too small/thin, also try making his body have even sharper wrinkles and corners in sculpting to fit the toon style.
Great start so far

Your work has all the makings of… OH MY GOD…what the hell did he do!

…just from the thumbnail I was already taken with the cool vibe.

Those lines and styles…brilliant. I like your take the best so far…it has a huge appeal for the eye…a feast for the soul.

not that the other work is not good…it’s outstanding…just like your take on it.

I will look forward to your further work.




Reminds me of one of my favorite artists:

I look forward to seeing this through.