Seaplane animation 2

seaplane animationNOTE: Same job posted last year in January, but job was not started at that time due to other priorities…

I need an animation showing a concept seaplane flying 5 feet off highest point ocean water (waves and swells). Craft is 144 feet in diameter, flying at 50-70 mph. Would like to see coastline/mountains (Big Sur or Catalina Island) in background.
Model file is currently in inventor, so I can export stl or iges and other formats. Currently there is no texture mapping but would like some. Prefer a panoramic scene animation, with camera angles getting top and side views so viewers understand what the plane is doing.

Possible future work. The funding for this animation project will come from campaign.

Must be photorealistic and ocean waves as real as possible. The first animation will not require a water landing or takeoff but future ones will.

Let me know if you’re interested, and a price point.

For seaplane, see

Thank you kindly,
Wendell Olson
Aeronautica 3D

Just PM’d you…


Have you asked an engineer for an opinion on that? I’m pretty sure that circular part won’t work out. Also you need some kind of rudder.

I am interested, please see my projects in the WIP section here or at my website/youtube channel. Youtube channel in my signature.

PM me if you would like to know more and to discuss pricing, time scales, etc.

Cheers, Clock.