Search artist for mobile game

Project: Strategy Game for android/ios


i am currently searching an Artist, who is interested in a Hobby Projekt.
Your work would be mostly 3d Characters/Monsters/Weapons but if possible also 2d Elements like UI Stuff. Art style direction is Fantasy/Manga.

If you are interested, please pm me.

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I’m interested. What can I help with?

What are you good at? I think having a background or a textured running underground would be great

I can do that. What sort of thing do you want?

You got discord or sth like that? Chatting with this is much easier.

I have Discord. Stick#9531

Hey guys, I am still looking for some artists who would be interested.

Hi there! I could help with some assets if you want.

Do you have discord?


we are now a team of 3(1prog,2 arts) working on the game.

i am still searching a forth person who is experienced in 3D Modelling + Animation, optional 2D drawing experience for UI Stuff.

Still looking for someone, who wants to work with us.

hello, i would like to help

Hey Ben that’s great to hear. What’s your experience level? In what are you good at?

character, creatures and props modeling as well some texturing
you can take a look at my Instagram As : hades.cgstudio

looks great. Do you have Discord? Please add me Akro#4162

I added you

we are still looking for another artist for our team :slight_smile:

well you got one now ^-^ Dormant_Carnivore#8378

Hey Guys,

we are doing some good progress. We are now looking for a forth person.

You should be experienced in texturing and animation of 3d Models.