Search available Add ONs - Tools / Scripts / Plug Ins

Google is coming up empty here, where might I find the list of all the tools available for Blender… like the subject says I’m looking to search and implement the plug ins I need. I thought I recalled blender foundation tracking these?


although I believe that only lists add-ons in trunk.

Yes exactly… but oh… exactly again :wink:
Wow, perhaps the sheer number of them makes what I’m thinking of impossible.
Like Sourceforge or even better … like Apple App store. App + description of it, rating.

I see makehuman on there but not:
I’m sure there must be a process for the creators to register with blender …

so for example, I’m looking for something that will generate random terrains for me. Like Minecraft Low poly style or so I can chose all the settings… suitable terrains for use as a game asset.

For that matter, something that generates random game assets…

thanks for the link, that is indeed the link I asked for.

Yeah, there was a blog to keep track of external addons, but it hasnt been updated in a year:

still contains good info though

Yes, exactly!!! and oh, a year ago… :frowning: but still exatcly! …

thank you sir!

Someone by the name of Daniel Banasik did some great work!