Search Children objects for phrase

I am attempting to search the following CListValue return of children for a specific child, as show in the API

childrendirect children of this object, (read-only).
[TABLE=“class: docutils field-list”]
[TR=“class: field-odd field”]
[TH=“class: field-name, bgcolor: #EEDDEE, align: left”]Type :[/TH]
CListValue of KX_GameObject‘s

It prints the children just fine, no issues:

but I cannot search for a specific child like thus:

armsRig = scene.objects["fArmsRig"]childList = armsRig.children
 for i in childList:
       #i = "Spas"
       if "Spas" in i:

The “i” DOES contain the Weap.Spas12.Rig object but for some reason i can’t search it… if I uncomment the “i = “Spas”” it does print FoundWEAP, but otherwise it does not… why is this?

i might not be of type string, try print(type(i)) and if it’s not string, try

if “Spas” in str(i):

Thanks for the type() command, did not know about it, but I posted this in the GE support and they said to do the following:

for c in childList:    
     if[:4] == 'weap':
        # This is the one

i see, then these should also work:

if “Spas” in …

if“weap”): … # same as[:4] == ‘weap’