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if you are in a thread and press ctrl-f for “search” the forum software opens its own search function. Is it possible to turn this off somehow as user or change that shortcut?
I use the standard search function of firefox a lot and it is pretty annoying that I have to go to the hamburger menu for that instad of just pressing ctrl-f.

You can’t disable it, but I believe that hitting ctrl-f again should bring up the standard browser search.

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Hi. What happens if you use Ctrl+G?

By the way, what you mentioned happened to me before. But now Ctrl+F always opens web browser search bar. I do not know what has changed.

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Hah, works both. Thank guys.

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Since the threads are dynamically loaded as you scroll, your browser’s default find function won’t see anything past what’s on your screen.

And note, that when you press ctrl+f, it doesn’t just pull up the websites search function. It specifically searches the thread you are in.

I know. But I just scroll down all the way and everthing is loaded while having something in the search thingy. It works fine.
The forum softwares search function loads a new page with links to the relevant part of the thread. I find that less useful most of the time because with the browser search function you can just scroll by pressing MMB and moving downwards, check for highlighted words, skim its souroundings for usefull content and continue with simply moving the mouse downwards again.
With the forums search you have to load a bunch of new pages.

It seems Discourse decided to leave Control-f binding alone, keybinding list says Control-Alt-f for own search (also /, used by some browsers as quick search).

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