Search engine for free 3d models

Hello guys I am currently working on a simple search engine which scrapes a few sites for free 3d and 2d assets. The engine is almost complete and I would love to get feed back on it when it is released.

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That would be a useful thing.
When would you share the link?

I will post the link when I am done. I have a few bugs to squash and a lot of code clean up to do but I will finish it soon

Hello guys I just deployed a simple search engine I have been working on which helps to find free assets on the web for game dev and other 3d related tasks. Here is the link
Please give me feedback on the site and what you think needs improvement


So I noticed that the search engine tends to get slow sometimes so I have added the first patch of a series of patches which is meant to increase the speed of the search engine. So I you wouldn’t mind checking it out and giving me feedback if you noticed the change in speed

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