search engine heads up

When I have sought to do a search on this site FireFox asks what to do with the php page. My browser works perfectly well on other php sites including their search tools.

I tried it today and it always wanted me to retype the verification characters. Second page was identical with the first char set. After that i launched it again and it offered me a new set. I tried that several times and had to renounce, cause even google does not tell you much if you want to search for “time python blender”. Let’s face it: The search function with this awful charcode is seriously screwed.

I use firefox with the stylish add-on and the old elsiun theme. When I do a search, I hit the “refresh image” linky for the verification image before entering anything. Seems to work most of the time. Why do we need that verification image anyway?

I never see it so it’s presumably an OS/Browser thing - or you haven’t got your browser set to remember your password or something. Cookies maybe?

Thanks AndyD, found out that is really does not appear anymore once you are logged in. Now i appreciate it.