Search for free human model


do someone know where can i get a good quality human (male) model for free.
This model should be not low and not very high poly (mid poly).
It should have business or casual clothes (shirt + jeans)
i do not need rigs, but it is ok with rigs
it should look realistic (no comic-style)

any ideas?

Check Makehumans :

Last time I looked, Daz 3D was free. You can pose a human model, there are a lot of clothes available for free or very cheap.

I haven’t experimented much with exporting from Daz to Blender (I am interested in exporting from Blender to Daz) but I think it might be possible.

Some of the older characters are probably mid poly.

As a forum noob I can’t post links, so I can’t give you them directly. I found good one on “archive3d . net” in the “People & Body Parts” section.

I was recently also looking for free realistic human models.
Here’s two that I found; unfortunately I can’t remember where I got the originals from.