SEARCH Manga style character for a game / 3d modeller team mate

hi at all,
i’m developing videogame from months.
Like anything else, there are always some difficulties. You are surely thinking at the coding.
But not, my difficulty is making the characters… so i ask here an help from someone who understand 3d graphic.
I don’t require realistic face, but i’m asking for a someone’s help who know how to make anime/manga characters… with few weapons or clothes.
Sorry for the long introduction… But i really need help.

Let’s start with a long list of animation required…
What i need:
A character (nothing of complex or realistic)
Fast Running
Loading Jump
Dodge sx/dx
dx/sx hand attach

It’s all

I understand it’s a difficult work, so i ask an help…
I can pay also you, but surely not 300€ for characters… But you can work with me and when the project is ended you will surely earn money. I’m going to ask somemoney on kickstarter/indiegogo and we will divide the earning…
Sorry for the repetition, i know it’s an hard project, i know it’s also a madness. But it’s a big project. Also i i’m
doing a madness. Do you know how is hard coding for a game. I’m scripting the game from 0, so also i’m working hard…
This will not be an fps, or a game with a just seen gameplay. This will have a new gameplay.
For who want to know i’m working in c++
Who want to help me with this “madness”, should send me a pm, i will give you my skype id…

I have some time ,tell me how can I help you