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Here’s a little sci-fi scene I finished today:

Search Party

Blender + slight Photoshop (color tweaks, DOF).

Thanks for looking,


This looks like it would be more suited to a framegrab of an animation. There are millions of possibilities…

Good lord. :o
That’s amazing.

I have seen other works by you, and I just wanted to take a moment to say that I love your use of abstract colors. The ideas you come up with are always intriguing and interesting.

Very nice. The laser(?) is generating a lot of light, but artistic lisence whatever. Great pic, good color and visual-ness. Keep blending, if i don’t see more of this there’ll be trouble :<


I like it.

Though your mechanical parts could use some harder/sharper edges. You can tell that you just extruded faces from the original mesh. Make those extra parts of seperate meshes and bevel or loop cut the edges. Will look much better iMO.

Great colour use and lighting.


You’re so good it’s becomming anoying…

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I’m trying a lot of new things these days in terms of modeling, lighting, etc., trying to push further in all areas, so any constructive feedback received is always deeply appreciated and seriously considered.

BgDM: Thanks so much. Yes, some of those edges could be tightened up. My focus was much more on the lighting and atmosphere, so I’m glad you like that :slight_smile:


I really like the composition set up by the different patches of light. Are they coming from the texture, or by individual lights?

Exelent work, the modeling is superb, and the photoshoping was great.

reed: Thanks. Results comes from both textures and lighting and also lamps with textures. There are like 20 lamps in this piece, including some volumetric ones.

lococobra: Thank you very much. Modeling could definitely be better yet, but I needed to move on to some other major projects.


Wow. I really love it. Your mosaic effect and choice of colors is brilliant. Keep it comming. :smiley:

BTW, this is my new background :Z