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Hi There ! I’m looking for someone who will create a pair of Animated Plants for indoor and outdoor spaces.

It’s a game I’m developing in Unity. It should be game assets !

The plant models should be very realistic and animated.

The payment depends on the model and work, I hope I find someone here !

LG w0rks

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #2

What kind of plants are they? What “action” will they be performing? What species do they belong to?
What´s the back story? Do they live in the wilderness or in a toxic barrel?


Hi w0rks! I’m very interested in combining my knowledge and love of plants on Blender, I’m right now doing some tests, as I had never tried before.
DM or email me if interested. [email protected]


hi, i can do it, if you contact me via email, i will send you a video from my example of animated plants.
[email protected]