Search Plus

Search Plus

The “Search Plus” add-on appends a panel to the Blender 3D interface for quick search in Google, Blender Stack Exchange, and YouTube.

Add-on functionality

For Google and YouTube searches, you can specify additional words for example – “blender”, which will be automatically added to each search.

For YouTube, you can also specify the results sorting order.

For search on Blender Stack Exchange, you can specify tags – only posts marked with the specified tags will be displayed in the search results, and the minimum number of answers – only questions with the specified number or more answers will be included in the search results.

Add-on web page

For more information please visit

You can get this add-on on Patreon

Demonstration video

Current add-on version:


Blender versions:


This sounds interesting! I probably wouldn’t use it but I think a lot of people would. You may consider releasing it separately as a one-time purchase, though, because having to pay 5 dollars a month through Patreon for access to this add-on is crazy. I pay 5 dollars a month for Spotify, for context. That’s 60 dollars a year just for a google search bar in Blender.

This is not a subscription. You can pay once, download the add-on and use it as long as you wish without any restrictions. You don’t need any monthly payment if you don’t want to.