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Somebody can help me to pass this logic to python

I read the python reference to Game Engine but, I do not understand nothing, because there is not examples complete.

I made this example with file of database 3D.:o

I want to load escenes in game engine with python:p

Can’t tell what your asking. Maybe you could explain more what you are trying to do. Break your problem into small steps and ask how to solve each one. No one has time to rewrite your application into python.

I agree with fireside. Your python scripts are doing exactly what you told them to do. When I run the game engine, I click on the text input box next to the “Buscar” button, and a the cursor symbol comes up. I type on the keyboard and my input appears in the box up to 10 characters (the length you set). If I click out of the box, the cursor disappears. :confused: What is it not doing for you? I will need to know that to be of any help.

I want to change a scene with python, I want to make this or seemed:

If text=“scene1” OR text=“Nivel1” OR text=“Level1”

If text=“scene2” OR text=“Nivel2” OR text=“Level2”

If text=“scene3” OR text=“Nivel3” OR text=“Level3” #If the text is equal
Scene.setScene(scene3) #Load or change scene


Text="" #clear text


Just add a change scene actuator to the text[0] connected to the python controller “cont”. Then connect the Mouse sensor “sensor” from Boton_Buscar to the controller “cont” from text[0] to check the mouse clicked.

Then you can change the scene within script as you described.