Searching for 3d modellers

I dont know if this sis the good place to ask.
But wo can help me with my 3d game?
I am creating a 3dshooter and i am in desperate need of 3dmodellers.
I can create 3d models too but very bad.
So if someone can help that would be great.
If you wish to help please add me on msn.
Or if you are interested about the game you can add me on msn to./
This is my msn adress: [email protected]
Thanks for reading,

I have much expierince in creating 3d games i am doing it for over 3 years right now.
The game that we are creating right now is already in development.
We are working for 5 months on it already.
It is a high-quality 3d shooter that plays in in the future and now.
Because of an accident the timeline gets mixed with now and the future.
There is more but ill tell that when we have a demo.

Here is a download link to the alpha pre-lease :

You might have more interested readers if your told us about your game [strong]right here and right now[/strong].
Like your experience, research you have done, a project plan for the game, goals you have for the game etc.
If not, people are likely to dismiss it as yet another project by an overly excited newbie who think creating a game is easy and something that happens over-night.

Ok i have updated my first post and i gave some more information.
Within a few days i wil post a alpha so you can see what it is so far.

It’s spelled “accident”. Heh, not the best way to present yourself as a mature individual, but anyway. Next time, take 3 seconds to google the right spelling. That is, if you want people to take you seriously (because no one wants to work on a project with a 12yr old, unless the kid was quite mature for his/her age, in which case they would take the time to spell things right in the first place, and wouldn’t resort to (:P).

That’s something you should have done when you created this thread. Right now the whole thing is pointless.

There should really be a sticky listing the proper way to present a project and ask for volunteers. You post some screenshots, concept art, a demo if you have it etc. Posting without any of that is completely pointless.

Yeesh Social, lets see if we can pour some gasoline on him and set him alight.

Truth of the matter is, employers often leave scanty details about positions they’re filling with the expectation that interested individuals will dig deeper. I don’t care much for the practice, but its reality.
Besides that, I’d rather work for an employer who was light-hearted enough to stick his tongue out at me rather than one who seemed to have the proverbial stick up his a$s, assuming they were competent at their business. You might want to heed your sig.

Good luck with your game, zy. BTW, as the saying goes, sometimes you can find a usefull seed in a pile of sh!t - Social does make some good points… you were way off on “accident.”

Yeah sorry i am not so good at english because i am dutch i whas quite in a hurry thats why i didnt check my spelling.
But i worked all day on it so the ,ost bugs are out of it so i am going to post it within a few hours just some final touches and its ready.

If you got some gasoline sitting around, I’m game. Seriously, I have seen that many threads of a similar nature. If it were up to me, they would all be instantly locked. (No screenshots, or concept art, or demo = lock) I mean by now this stuff should be common knowledge. If your not sure how to post a project for the community: start a thread to ask how before spamming the forums.

Besides that, I’d rather work for an employer who was light-hearted enough to stick his tongue out at me rather than one who seemed to have the proverbial stick up his a$s, assuming they were competent at their business. You might want to heed your sig.

  • When I said “resort to (:P)” I meant resort to giving up. The maturity part was based on the fact that like a kid, he just threw his hands up and said “screw it, lets put exident”. I mean it wouldn’t really draw my attention so much if it was just a typo, but he actually realized that it was spelled wrong and still did nothing. Doesn’t sound like a leader of a succsessful project. That’s all I was trying to say.
  • I never said that being light-hearted is a bad thing. On the contrary, I too would not want to work for someone with a stick up his ass. However even light-hearted people need to show some discipline, and a willingness to work hard. Otherwise nothing gets done, and no one wants to work on a project that’s going nowhere.
  • Don’t tell me to heed my sig. I wrote that sig, and it’s my quote, so I know damn well what it stands for. You “heed” it, it’s there for you in the first place.
Just as i promised here is a alpha version.
I know the lighting is too dark but it isn’t that bad is it?
You need opengl to play it.
And please note this is a alpha version so you wont see these gfx in the official game or demo.
The gun that you have is just a test weapon its only for testing the drawing system.
And the textures are too large i already know that to.
But the best of al no lag and i couldnt find any bugs.

Then we’d have 100 people asking how to post their projects “properly” instead of posting their retarded projects. A flawed way to fix a problem, and that still pretty much calsses as spam.

Then, lets not point out the fact that there would need to be somthing in the first place telling people “please post projects in a professional manner or ask if you lack common sense” for them to question “is my post classed as professional or not” resulting in retarded projects still being posted with simply people going “I’m not sure if this is classed as “professional” or not, delete it if it isnt” similar to “I’m too lazy to check, so if this is in the wrong section then you mods can move it kthx bye”

Then, normal people would be saying “why on earth even tell them to post professionally, when you can just give them good strict rules on how to post instead?” …

While I do agree that some of these people who post project should be shot dead on their tracks, I don’t think anyone really has a right to say “you cant post if you dont have images”. Whats the point in asking people to join a project if it’s already made?

A game that has been half made, has screen shots and they need more people to work on the project cause their lil helpers keep walking out on them seems worse to me than someone trying to start a new project.

On the otherhand, I believe info on the game, concepts and so on is better than screenshots, and is an item that should be required when people post. Many game designers go to firms with their game IDEAS not ready made games.

boy social, if I was an admin I’d put an anti- in front of your screen-name.

if the [man/woman/girl/boy/other] isn’t up to working hard and finishing this project than the thread will eventually stop being updated and it will float slowly to thread number 23490 and no one will ever have to see it again.

if [he/she/it] is capable it will stay up and you can wait for awhile to see if it’ll actually happen.

  • All I stated were facts.
  • I speak my mind (Surprise :). Yes there are still people who do that. It doesn’t mean they are “anti-social”)

I am capable of doing this project :eek:
Why do you think i even started it?

He didn’t mean you. He was just making a point of how theese matters resolve themselves.

Don’t worry about it. This is just a long standing community issue, thats all. You have your demo up, so your ok.

Ok i understand now :smiley:
I wil soon try to update the demo here because i have some more updates to it.

xtreme3d.dll file… isn’t that some GameMaker dll?

Yes it is a gamemaker plugin for opengl or something.
We are first creating the game in gamemaker and then in c++ with ogre3d so we can watch wich engine is more stable or flexible.

ok i’ll wait for Ogre version then :stuck_out_tongue: Because if i remember correctly, GM is script based and aimed at beginners…

No offense, but being dutch isn’t an excuse for poor english… lazyness for that matter, isn’t either. There’s this thing that’s called “school”, where you can learn english, it’s a pretty good solution actually, all you have to do is pay attention. Yet again, no offense intended, just thought it was a really really lame excuse.

I know there is school and i hate it…
Because of this:
The nglish lessons i get there are way to easy i always get a 10 for a test :smiley:
the highest score.
Really no joke.
Its just too easy the work that i get.

Gm is weak and script based i know :smiley:
But with xtreme3d it ads a very very powerful 3d possibility.
But gm is not only script based its also d&d (drag and drop)