Searching for a 3D Modeling Partner - MMORPG Development


I am currently looking for a single skilled modeler to partner up with to smash out a project over the course of the next three months, and on-going from there forth.

What you should bring to the table:

1) Need little direction: Example - I will map out over the course of development the required assets for each phase, you should be able to follow the order in which the assets should be produced.

2) You should be creative: Example - Not all of the modeling will from character concepts, environment assets and beyond, sometimes we will discuss new concepts and create them on the spot.

3) 3D Modeling should be First Nature: Example - I will not have the time to aid in figuring out modeling techniques, this will be entirely on you as the Modeler for the project.

4) Be level headed and overall proper person(+21): Example - If in discussion aside from general excitement of the development, all parties should have a professional cool, scalability is key and that is unable to be attained without this virtue.

5) Have at least 10 hours a week towards the project: Example - This project will take a lot of effort and the minimum hours for this project should be 10 hours minimum a week, scaling to the greatest of availability the individual can partition from their normal lives. *Reasoning - The aim is to complete this project swiftly, but with quality in mind. There should be work to show by the end of each week from all parties, if not each day. This helps with the awareness of the project as well as showing the combination is quite serious.

Preferred Additional Pre-requisites(Not Required):

  1. Industry Experience
    A) Indie
  • B) AAA*
  1. Networking Topology Experience
  2. UE4 Experience

What I bring to the Table:

  1. AAA Experience
  2. Indie Experience
  3. Physical to Digital Topology Experience
  4. Networking
  5. Multi-Platform Experience
  6. Long Term Development Partner
  7. Professional
  8. Concept Artist/Illustrator
  9. Within 20’s

Please message me with your Cover Letter, Portfolio, or supporting documents, and your Timezone(U.S. Preferred) to make sure our hours of operations align.

About the Development:

Environments have been created, Multiplayer Replication System is set up, Networking Replication setup as well, General UI created, Combat System Implemented, Quest System Implemented, Mounting System Implemented, Flight System Implemented, Flight Combat Implemented, Instanced PvE and PvE Framework are currently being set up.
Beyond this, we will need to set up an NDA agreement.

The team size will scale as needed upon new requirements or demand.

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Hey @Austin265, I was checking your profile and didn’t see any portfolio work, do you have any readily available to view? Also, I do not use Skype as I have to have open communication with a multitude of people.
Do you have a discord?
If so you can PM it if you’d like.