Searching for an old comic (series?) but don't know the name ... pls help

Hey fellas,

I hope I can get some help here, because I think many of you have had many many comic books when they were younger :smiley:

So the problem is I got one from a friend of my sister about 13 years ago and I can remember some slight images and a bit about the plot and I’ve been trying to find it … for about 2 years (I think). Don’t ask me how this came … but from one day to the other I remembered it and I think it was really cool.

So here are some informations:

As far as I can remeber it’s style was quite similar to this:

To the plot - at least what I still know:

  • I think it was based in a present (1990s ruffly) timescheme with some futuristic influences…
  • I remember a certain scene where some kind of (flying?) demons / monsters came out of a crack in the ground and took the terrified people with them.
  • I remember something that (i think) was the last scene. Some men were standing at a kind of graveyard where many rotten bodies of those creatures lay. It looked more like a dump because none of them were buried.
  • I’m not shure but I think there was some kind of elite task force to hunt those monsters which would fit to the men standing besides the slaughtered monsters

I know my chances are slim to none to get an answer here, but I guess everyone who had a quite similar problem knows how annoying this can be… especially if it’s something from your childhood


Greetings, Robert

It doesn’t ring a bell with me . . . I’ve read many a few comics in my days from when I worked in a shop that had a fair few collections and then some. If that particular plot had been in one of me shelves I would have let you know in a jiffy and then some a bit quicker. But the plot is quite unique and I’m quite sure you will handle a trace soon, if not sooner.

Post 2 - Judge Dredd kind of rings a few tones on that kind of plot as often there are many sub-plots in the Judge Dredd series such as … never mind I can ramble on and on on this.

Thanks kbot,

I hope the mods don’t kill me for opening such an endless thread … :frowning:

I’m pretty shure it was some independant plot and I guess I also would’ve remember the Judge - I wish I could give some more infos but unfortunally not :frowning:

Greetings, Robert

Is it a Jack Kirby comic? That’s who drew that Thor comic,
and in the wiki of his bibliography there’s a comic series he made called SATANS SIX,
which sounds a lot like what you describe.

Thank’s for your reply andy,

the picture in the middle at the top of the screene looks like a scene from it but I’ve looked up some more pictures from Satan’s six and I think it’s not the one I am looking for.

The story wasn’t told form the monster’s POV but from the human side.

Greetings, Robert

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, I got knocked out yesterday and I am not myself right now :smiley:

I always mean to search out some of the old comics that I read as a kid,
I should probably find them before they get too expensive :smiley:
It’s ironic, because it looks like Mignola inked this, if you look right in the middle of the third panel,
and the only other books I can think of, with monster hunter team, is hellboys BPRD.
BPRD hasn’t been around long enough though, unless you’re thinking of an old hellboy comic,
because they were sort of featured in the book.

It was driving me nuts seeing that image and having it all scrambled and crap like that. Who the hell would scramble up a picture that way? Was it like that in the comic or something?

Not a good idea…

Anyway, I can’t think of anything for the book, but maybe you could draw what the demons looked like or something? Did everyone just look human?

Cause all of the pop comics are done in a kirby style. The guy pretty much invented that look, and it was the only style used in superhero and most of the other types of comics for decades.

Maybe try to find an online comics index and look at the various series that might have been around 13 years ago or so that might fit that description. I’ll do some googling…

Thank’s for the replies … I found out that the comic could be older than 13 years I would rather guess up to 20 or 25 years as the comic belonged to the older brother of the friend ^^ I am not shure if it’s really Kirby style maybe it’s just my memory …

Ah I am currently browsing through comic-sites and google-pics every now and then and hope to maybe find it by luck but no hit so far … :frowning:

Greetings, Robert