Searching for best way to design a rack and pinion

Hi, I’m designing a rack and pinion and found a few ideas.
My research suggests the strongest and quietest is a herringbone gear.
Thought I would check if anyone knows a better idea than my conclusion.

I read about the Blender Add-On GearGenMaster
Unfortunately, this is buggy and doesn’t add a clear rack angle,
which needs to be the same as the pinion angle.

I’m currently working with this helical rack and pinion calculator and will then mirror this helical rack and pinion design at 8:42, into a herringbone rack and pinion.

I’m sure there’s a better Add-on to automatically build quicker and be able to resize diameters and widths, just haven’t found it yet.

Hey, You obviously have never come across this site - they ARE the masters when it comes to gears !

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Surprise, surprise. Great find. I don’t need it NOW, but good to know.


there was an addon in 2.49 to make gears
including rack
but may have to re download the old version of 2.49
or there might be an updated version of it in 2.7 !

happy bl

Very nice site.
Great link; thanks!


Thanks. :smiley:
Umm, my link ‘rack and pinion calculator’ is already to your otvinta link.
Good to see I’m probably onto the best gear making method. :+1: