Searching for level designers

Hi everyone,

I’m a C++ programmer and I’m working on a game engine. My goal is to make a (multiplayer) FPS. Of course my goal is yet far away :stuck_out_tongue:
So far I’ve been building some general framework in which the game can run. Currently I’m working on optimization and debugging collision detection.
Anyway as blender artists this might not really interest you (if it does feel free to ask me more). Let me come to the reason of this post:
Since programming a game engine takes quite a lot of time (currently I’m working alone) I don’t really have much time to create models, levels, artifacts,… in blender. Even though I love it to work in blender, I feel myself obligated to focus on the programming part of this game. That’s why I’m asking for help here.
Is anyone interested in cooperating with me on this new game? I know I don’t have much ideas or concepts for the game yet. And I’m not yet able to show you much of screenshots etc… (except maybe lines and lines of code :D).
This would off course mean you have a main saying in the matter. Any ideas or inspiration are welcome.

So for those among you who feel interested and are willing to work with me, please post, and I will to give you all the information you want.


P.S.: To give this post some color, here a little screenshot of the running game engine (the level is a something I allready started with)

hi my name is david , I would like to know what your game can handle also what ara your game will take place"mideival,western,mythical,modern,futureistic"I work with blender 2.49 it’s easiest for modeling and texturing,I make models that r low to high poly.I am trying to make building parts that snap together most of my models r uv unrap with seams I don’t know if this is aceptible or not when they r imported into your game engine and how u place them or if u r just going t create the whole map and import it into your game engine I would like to know a little more about your game engine.

Hy, thank for the response.
The ara of the game is not yet determined, but I was thinking more of a game with all different sorts of levels. When playing you would then choose which map you play (like worms, or GunZ,… ). A wide variety of level designs and settings would thus be very nice. I mostely work with blender 2.6x, but I suppose that all blender files are backwards-compatible? Even though, to import in the game engine, I build a converter which converts obj(/mtl) files into binary files which my game engine can read. So you would create a model in blender, export it as an obj(/mtl), and then converting it into my fileformat.

The game engine is yet in a very early development fase. I’ve only worked on it a couple of weeks and I justed finished exams, which brought some extra delay. As you could see from the screenshot, the engine can load materials and textures all just fine. Textures need UV unwraps. All faces are triangles, but quads are automaticly converted, so you don’t need to worry about that. Everything is displayed with OpenGL.
When experimenting with vertices, I noticed that when using objects with over 50.000 vertices it started to lag. Off course, no VBO’s are used yet, so later on, this could still be optimized. Off course: the less vertices, the better :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is best (for the engine) that the level would be just one big file in blender. If you are interested, I would personnaly really like it if you would finish the midievel level you saw in the screenshot. I’ve allready put some time in it so it would be nice to see it finished off :stuck_out_tongue: Off course I’m not going to force you. If you would rather start on something new it’s fine by me.

if u want to converse in a better way look me up on face book "david lewis"u will see a bud light truck as my cover pic. thats if u have a face book acount instant mess we might be able to get on the same page

I can’t seem to find your account :confused: I’m probably overlooking it. I have to go now, but look me up: Matthias Verstraete. my cover picture is of a guitar that has been filtered in blue. I hope you find it :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll be in touch than tomorrow.

My intent with this comment is to maybe make your life easier. This is not a negative post.

Is your goal to write a FPS or to create a game engine? If you just want to make a FPS then there are lots of existing game engines capable of doing a multiplayer FPS. If you just want all the code to be yours then keep going and ignore this comment. But if making stuff explode sounds more interesting then debugging collision code, then check out some game engines and jump right to the fun stuff!

I’m thinking that he is making a game engine and he is going to use it to make a game

I’m thinking that he is making a game engine and he is going to use it to make a game

I think the whole point with his project is that he is programming a new engine.

I indeed just wanted to program a game engine. It’s really a great experience as a programmer.
But only writing an engine and not using it seems rather stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

here is a sample of what i can do, this was made a year ago and I’ve improved a lot since

not sure if my reply went through so i’ll post it here

Here is a sample of what I can do

this was made a year ago and I’ve improved a lot since.

I’m sorry I haven’t responded earlier, but I lost sight of this thread.
Anyhow, I feel like I have still lots and lots of work to do on this engine. But some example levels would be really nice. You are welcome to make any (off course your name will be put in credits if your work is included). You got any particular preference for the setting of a level?