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A while ago, someone sent me a blend file of a toon monster truck. The dynamics were great. The author of it I dont know, but he sure new what he was doing. The wheels would rotate according to the forward or backward motion. He also had figures out the diameter of the wheels so they would turn according to distance traveled. Anyway way back then I had no Idea of Python in Blender, but now I would like to take another look at that blend. I believe I could use it now, I understand python enough to dig into it. So if anyone knows of the blend or has it, could you please send it to me, Thanks…

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I have to search my Archive … Just a Moment … … … … … Ah! Got it! :slight_smile: I send a Mail.

Hope that’s the right one.
Cu, Doc

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Thats the one, Thanks MUCH Doc Holiday, I really appreciate it, thanks for taking the time to find it, and e-mailing me the blend. With Doc,s like you, who needs a Physician. Thanks again…

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