Searching for model of pirate ship.

I know, I should just google right? Well I did, and I couldn’t find anything good. I checked the blender model repository but it is being updated. I checked 3dcafe, and its free section is being updated as well. I checked turbosquid but there aren’t any good free ones. I was wondering if anyone has a free model lying around in their hard-drive that they could send to me or if they know of another good free content website that has a good pirate/merchant ship. I would prefer the model to be free. Thanks in advance.

ummmm, hi-poly? low-poly? textured?

maybe a picture of what you need also.

This one is a possibility, but it’s in Max format, so you’d have to find an outside conversion for it. There’s a galleon model at this page, but it’s in Wrl format, so it’d have to be converted, too.

At 3D Extra they’ve got a couple of fantasy models of ships, one that flies and one with wheels. I think those are for Poser, so you ought to be able to extract the Obj files and import them into blender, knock off the extra parts, and perhaps use that as a basis for a model.

Planit.3d has some ship models that you might look at. Again, nothing is quite exactly a “pirate” ship, but you might be able to start with it.

Sorry, I should have been more specific:
I would prefer high-poly textured, but I could do fine with high-poly untextured, or low-poly textured.

If there aren’t any good ones out there, is there a pirate ship making tutorial?

Err make one! Like use cubes and a latice… Sorry wont go into details but I made a huge one, Takes time but it’s neat when it comes together

cubes and a lattice? heh heh… making a small or huge takes exactly the same time, because you can just quickly create it out of one or two cubes, then add the lattice, and finally scale the whole thing up, so you get huge one.


-Aye, tis clear sailing ahead for our precious cargo.
-uh, would that be the hot pants, sir?
-Arrrr, the hot pants

Yah, time is money.
Didn’t see anthing free, but if you need the speed, Medusa at daz3d (for poser but obj’s with uv on board) and Aurore from Content Paradise (also for poser) for reasonable prices. :cool:
Building a ship yourself’d make a nice credit to your skills list.

Oh I recall… one I tried to use but now works for the ship!
Cube/ Array/ Latice!

Ok, I’ve settled to make one myself, but what is this about using lattices and stuff?

hmm if you need ideas for ship design I got a perfect place

I’m working on a pirate project now so I could probably share the model I will have finnished in probably 2-3 weeks.

K, sweet. I’ll probably work on one myself anyway, but keep me posted.