Searching for the Volumes tab

I wanted to toy around with Volumetrics. And wanted to rebuild the Volumetrics tutorial by Andrew Price. … 8LnkrFKT4Y

Problem is, i miss the Volume tab in a new scene. In 2.70 and 2.71. There’s a lamp in the scene, a camera, a cube, the render engine is set to cycles. All there. I try to follow the tutorial, so it should. But i have no Volume tab.

The curious part is, it’s there in an old scene. Not in all, but in a few. See shot 2. And here i can set up my things. But when i create a new scene then the Volume tab is missing.

I surely miss something. What’s the trick? Did i miss to adjust something? At which point should i see the Volumes tab?


Give the world a Background shader in node editor or under Surface tab


Thanks a bunch. Now it’s there :slight_smile: