searching for this Trans music


Off the topic and hence decided to get some help.

This is piece of a beautiful trans music I am searching for last few months !
If anyone knows which track is this and where to download :))

hey guys !
average 125 people have checked this sample music… none could find any link with this?

I m not sure precisely but I guess long back sometime this was perhaps used on Fashion TV for some ramp walk background music. I m not sure about this.

Really would love to know from someone more on this !


I only get a corrupted file when i download it, that might be the issue why no one is responding…

That’s a pretty cool track. Where did you originally get it (The tags suggest pandora - I guess that’s the problem with these streaming services)? I’m sure I’ve heard it before, probably in some mix I’ve got.

It has some baleric rhythms as well as a touch of ambience and electronica. Some sort of synth chill at any rate.

If you’re looking for similar music, here are some: (Enigma, make sure you listen long enough for the awesome bass line) (Ibiza Chillout mix) (Another chillout mix - this guy does his mixes with free downloads) (Chillstep) (a little more chiptek/retrowave than your mp3 is) (Era, a little different, but still a similar feel) (Dark Ambient Electronica apparently, quite bass heavy)

And try some genre’s like:

  • Retrowave
  • Psytrance
  • Spacesynth

No idea if that was useful at all

Its not corrupt… did u try again ? may be first attempt your download got corrupted or something. I don’t think its corrupt. I wonder how Sdfgeoff could got it right !

here is a fresh link, its mp3.

I use to love Enigma beats and its trans sense but somehow and sometimes this music listening resulted in some strange accidents or unexpected events … I gave up ! HAHA! I don’t know but it really went crazy with me sometime ago… even few of my friends reported something strange about it.

LOL funny thing!

Check my comment on Enigma experience… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone knows any sound search engine?