SEASCAPE & OCEAN Tutorial Available

:smiley: I have just posted a tutorial on creating Seascapes and Oceans on my Cog Website.

It’s over 4,000 words in length and has 48 screenshots explaining all the techniques neccessary to create a realistic ocean scene.


a quick look told me you’ve seen some seas :slight_smile: definitely going to read it. thanks :smiley:

I hope I have the patience to work through this . . .

Sample at the site looks awesome. I’ve been needing this.

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Way to go COG, I had seen your seascape before and went WOW :o
Great tutorial. Thanks!

Great work !

I think that I’m going to barf !


coolio iglesius!

My gratitude for your efforts

Very nice work. You have done an excellent job!

Thanks all.

I have added an introductory tutorial just on animated procedural textures that is only 4 pages long and 125kb.

This was a section that I removed from my seascape tutorial as I thought it was getting a little long. However, I had referred to it there and thought it would be useful to some as well. I have modified the seascape tutorial slightly to reflect this new tutorial, but don’t worry you will not have to download it again if you have the old version. It’s only some formatting changes (coloured header to help separate it) and the reference to the new tutorial.

Anyway I hope you like also.


cool… added your tuts to my list here:,9,6,

Thanks macouno :smiley: .


I downloaded both tuts and wish to say thanks. However the text in tut covering Creating Animated Seascapes in Blender seems to be chopped off on the right margin. I opened it in Ghostview and Konqueror. :stuck_out_tongue:

Loads fine with me Napoleon. What version of acrobat reader do you have?
I created the tutorial in acrobat 6, but made it compatible with 5. I wonder if anyone else is having problems?

Let me know.


No problem with GNOME

Just to let you all know. I have registered a new domain name.

And a new email address where I can be easily contacted:-

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For those in the UK you can substitute

New Tutorials in the making

Creating a WAKE on water
Atmospheric Clouds
and simulated surface tension on objects in water

At the moment I have an old title concept animation using particles created in 2003. Although I have moved on since then, it helped me learn a lot about Blender particles.