I have a real seashell I’m using as a reference for this model. The body is mostly done, but the flare at the opening isn’t started yet. I love how the SSS gives it so much life!

did you do the model manually

or use one of the soft that makes seashells like that ?


This was all modeled manually. I didn’t know that software like that exists. Really though, I like the control that hand modeling gives, but it sure would ahve been faster to do it with a script.

There might be a script at zooblender

but i know at least 2 other external program that can do this type of shells
that can then be iported in blender then youc an textures it ect…

but you had the patience of doing it manually so it’s all yours
and nice looking


I’m a little bit confused with the two points at the bottom of the seashell thought. It looks like you just added a face and textured it to look like the inside of the seashell and you didn’t notice the two points. Is that what happend or am I just seeing things? It’s very possible that I may be crazy. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s where I haven’t fixed the model up yet. There’s the whole opening left to model still. I’ve updated the texture, which should make it look a bit better. I’ll be working on modeling the opening soon.