Seashore life

Hi! Here is my newest render, hope you like it :3

The project started with some sand experiments, after some tests I decided I wanted to make a whole scene out of it. I was going for realistic sand just like they did in Pixar’s short film Piper. You can read more about how they acheved the sand look in this article (which was my main inspiration for this project):

I tried to make the scene as simple as possible so that it didn’t turn into a long running project (which is how it usually goes), I think the sand particles gives it the complexity it needs without needing to overflow the scene with complex models. I got some great feedback in the “Focused Critiques” section, there you can find some wireframe images ass well: Seashore hermit crab (finished)

The left shell is a model I grabbed from blendswap, rest is modeled by me.

Final render with post effects in Photoshop:



That’s really nice. I like how bright and happy it is. :slight_smile: I think it deserves to be featured.


This is great!

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amazing, i like the pile of sand so much

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Excellent work.

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Thanks! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

That’s great fun, but it’s not a hermit crab. They live in other critters’ shells. :wink:

This one looks more like a soldier crab:

Excpet that they’re blue, but maybe the red ones go faster (like cars).

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Loving it!!!

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colors, lighting, modeling, composition, cuteness…

I wish it quickly toward the Featured Row :smile:


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You’re #featured! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the #feature row!

One of the reference images I used was from a baby hermit crab, which was my main inspiration. I’m not an expert on this field but it seems like this little fella is still looking for its shell. It might be another crab so thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


Great work, love the materials!

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Thanks robocyte!

Fair enough. Must admit I’ve never seen a baby one, so you could well be right.

The pic is great anyway, so I wasn’t knocking that.

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How cool! first thing when i noticed this thumb i was like… theis looks so formiliar, then reading you post. I remember that piece from pixar, you made a stunning render… Well done bro!

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Thanks folks! Pixar did a fair better job than me, but I think I at least managed to capture the essence of it :slight_smile:

amazing. Great mood.

Thanks juhada!