Seaside Door model UPDATE

okie I haven’t posted artwork for ages.
stupid college work anyway.

this is a model of a seaside door I saw in aberiswith (wales) (i cant spell welsh) it was a good project but now i’m on the part i hate most texturing. It will be good practise tho. I’m aiming for photo realism in a way so all crits welcome.

model not quite finished i need to add a drain pipe an maybe a window next to the door. and a few decals on the actual door itself although i might texture them.

here we go

be ruthless

Modelikg is well done
But there is too much light in the scene (I know, it’s seaside, but… :wink: ) and AO would be helpfull in this case… :slight_smile:

I think there is AO in this scene, but set to an too high energy value. :-?

Nice door, but work on the lighting

agree on the last points, but ive never seen a doorknob in the middle of a door? seems wierd to me.

hehe loads of people have picked up on that. Its quite coman in britain in seaside towns for the door to be in the middle. Its not very clever probably tripling the effort needed to push or pull the door. working on the lighting now not happy with raycast shadows so gonna stick to the trusty spot lamp. maybe i’ll read the digital lighting book a bit more before i continue this work.

Somewhat common in Rome also.
Looks good so far, even without textures, and the high-energy lamp doesn’t bother me, quite the contrary. This would look rather nice if rendered as desktop-sized (showing more wall, ofcourse), and completely without textures. Not all renders should be aimed to be photoreal…

what bugs me a bit is the perfection here. there are no gaps anway visible!
it looks like all is made out of one object!


ok what do you think of this new lighting?

i agree actually i’m definatly gonna model gaps into the doors mess it about a bit but i think when I add the bump maps and contrasting textures it will start to lose that 1 model look. but there definatly needs to be gaps in the door.

hows this lighting? any better?


[sarcasm]the red cross looks great.[\sarcasm]

cool. because it look clean.
when texturing the wall. try the displacement mapping. just for fun…

I would but i’m quite an efficient modler and the wall is 4 polygons so …
I guess I could use that new simple subdiv button.