Season's Greetings from the new team

As some of you may already know, me and Derek teamed up a little while ago. Well, we will soon release out our first very very short movie entitled “Season’s Greetings” (for lack of a better tittle). This will be our very first finished short movie as the team and using only open source applications (except for audio). We currently don’t have an exact release date since it is currently rendering, but we are hoping to release before new year.

Here is a simple shot from the movie turned into some kind of add :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the same shot, but without anything, can be used as desktop BG :wink:

To all the Blender heads and 3D animation craving enthusiasts out there or actually everyone out there, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the entire team. For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas or celebrate something entirely different, we would still like to wish you our sincere Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year.

Cheers :wink:

Wow, we are almost done rendering the entire project, should release by saturday.

But seriously, no one has any comments what so ever? Well, I guess its either very bad or very good :stuck_out_tongue: You guys wait to see the final :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, Happy Holidays back to you guys!

mmm actually neither :p, the result is ok, its not fantastic and neither its terrible its in between. The fantastic and the terrible ones always get responses…well more of the fantastic ones :stuck_out_tongue:
That said you did a good job, what is letting the image down is:
colors-the lighting is a bit flat… i realize this is outside and its cloudy but i think there is room for improvement.
the snow… is falling in the background but not in the foreground?
the bear’s fur… i know its a pain to get it right, i still cant figure it out, but it doesnt look right somehow (maybe its the texture?)
same goes for the red part of the santa hat – that maybe just to saturated/dark
the snow on the trees doesn’t seem realistic…would it actually clump up like that? (i could be wrong on this)

Looking forward to seeing the animation

I am also looking forward to it, but I agree with DDD that it is neither fantastic nor horrible, but mediocre. My critiques are pretty much the same as his: Snow on trees, bear’s fur, lighting, but the biggest thing that stands out is the snowman’s snow looks very different than the snow on the ground, and all of the clumps of snow are obviously not attached and have a hard line where they intersect.

BTW, I think the hat looks very good. Both of you are great artists, and I’m confident that you can do a fantastic job, but this image is rather mediocre.

I personally love it (but what do i know?) The bear is sooo damn cute and i want it to hug me like that!!

DDD: Man, I really like the constructive critics, and I rarely seem to get any on this forum :slight_smile: And I also think you are right, its not perfect, and I didn’t intend it to be either :slight_smile: Doing work for image and animations however is 2 different things, still image can have a lot of details because they aren’t going to move, but when you do animation, you also have to take in consideration it’ll move, therefore a lot of details wont really be noticed. For example, this little 720 frames of animation has been rendering since the 20th and will finish rendering today. (with 3 machines). :wink:

Jonathan L: Thanks man :slight_smile: I also appreciate your constructive critics man :slight_smile: Its funny though, my brother is also named Jonathan, and he would also be a Jonathan L since our family name is Landry :stuck_out_tongue:

peter18: Thanks man :slight_smile: I love your reply, however, I like when ppls point out whats wrong with my stuff so I can better myself :slight_smile: But I also like a little flattering from time to time :slight_smile: So thanks for that man :slight_smile:

With all this being said, rendering will finish today. If our musician has finished the song for the short, then it will most likely come out tomorrow :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :wink:

Hey guys figured I would jump in here:P I do agree with DDD and appreciate the feed back. I have noticed that all the decent or pretty good stuff usually floats away under the radar and doesnt get much attention…and to be honest I’m probably an offender on that. I usually comment on the stuff that needs lots of help and on the crazy good stuff:) Jonathan L as always good to hear from you and get your feed back.

Like Jeannot said this beast has been rendering for over a week and all though it may seem simple it is actually quite heavy something like 10million faces and with the combination of partical hair needing buffer shadows and all the SSS it renders very slowly. Like Jeannot said once you guys see this in motion you will see the true quality of this animation:P

It has been a pleasure working with Jeannot and we have lots of ideas on the horizon. Everything is a learning experience thats for sure. So I hope you guys hang with us and enjoy the little animation. Seeing the process from the back side on multipul animation projects give me a lot more respect for the good quality animations I see come from Blender or any platform for that matter. Imagin making a really great still scene render with all the details and then imagine rendering that scene 1000 times and giving motion, life and sound:P It really is a lot of fun but oh my god is ot work hehe :smiley:

Happy Blending Guys and Happy New Year!

Yeah to render an animation is to wait for ages…so you gottta simplify, it sucks, but again the image is not terrible at all so its all good. As you said it is definitely was not supposed to be just a still but a part of something bigger that tells the full story.

What an experience this little project was:) I hope you guys all enjoy this little animation…it has been a lot of work and time but I think it was worth it if it even made just a few people smile:D

Enjoy and Happy Blending:P