Seat creases...

(Alex_E) #1

I’m trying to make creases in a seat, very similar to the crisscross ones shown here…

What’s the best way to go about this? I tried using Poke Faces and another idea, but I’m using a subsurf and my idea wasn’t compatible with that :slight_smile:

(lacilaci86) #2

I personally would not try to model this in place. Model the part of the seat that has creases as a “flat/unrolled” surface and shape it (using surface deform or lattice) on to the seat(which base shape you should have first). I think it should be pretty easy to do since those seats are simple shapes, it’s just that modeling in place would be too time consuming.

here’s a video of a guy doing something like that in max so you get the idea:

he creates pattern in 3D and shapes it to the form of the seat.