seat leon + hdri

This is my old seat leon model rendered in Lightwave with hdri.
There are still artifects and errors, but I’m trying to find out how to remove them.

comments? suggestions?


uh how bout more color. unless your makeing a black& white picture. :wink: Make the car blue/yellow
whatever, and texture the ground aside from a beutiful grey plane. Is there an interior? If there is make the windows clearer and more glass like. Unless you want dark tinted window.8)
I just can’t get enough of the grey poictures lately :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah there is no interior, thats why I made it shiny. I also have a yellow version, and a red one, but imo the grey on looks the best. Later I will maybe add an enviroment, untill then I’ll have to it do with a grey plane :slight_smile:

looks pretty nice man, the artifacts kinda ruin it, but overall the model is not bad. The materials are good but the wheels are a tad too shiny. Otherwise I like it a lot. Good rendering. You can edit out the artifacts in photoshop or the gimp if you’re careful.

it looks like somebody scraped up that nice finish.

The roof looks a little lumpy, and there are no headlights behind the glass!

Good start with the modeling.