Seattle Blender User Group meets October 1st

When: Saturday, October 1st, 9 AM to 12 PM

Where: Academy of Interactive Entertainment, 305 Harrison St #405 · Seattle, WA

The Seattle Blender User Group meets at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Seattle campus, usually the 1st Saturday of every month. We’ll be looking at newest cool toys in Blender: Geometry Nodes preview node and viewport compositing. the Seabug’s goals are to help beginners learn Blender, create Blender opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, showcase advanced Blender tools and projects, and celebrate open source graphics in all forms.

If you are a beginner who needs help with Blender, leave a comment about what you’re struggling with! If you’ve got an awesome project to show people, tell us about it and we’ll make sure there’s time to see it.