I modeling sebastian from the mirmaid. This topic inspired me:

Im going to model an avatar…I guess you would call it, to represent Sebastian the user. And my model will be Sebastian from mirmaid…lol.

Work in Progress:

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Heh. I like it. Sebastian was perhaps the sole neat part of that awful little movie.

UpdatE: Not sure how its turning out, but I think its going well. Im trying to figure out how to put everything together because it is the first time I have worked hard on something like this :expressionless:

Here is what I have so far:

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I have begun to work on it again, here is what I have, I think its looking good :smiley: Comments appreciated :wink:

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Ok now i can comment lol.
Before i had no idea what it was now it looks like sebastian.
i like it. Not much to C&C though. Once he is farther along i can C&C more.
Good luck

Hey. Gettin’ there. Keep it up.

Thanx :smiley:

Update: Alright, I think I have finished his head besides a few tweaks later. I think he is very noticable as Sebastian :smiley: Im proud of myself…lol. Now I will start on the legs and claws :wink:

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very good. been 4 years since i last saw lil mermaid.

keep up the good work.

I probably havn’t seen it in that long either, lol.

Finished the legs, now for the claws :smiley:

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Ha, this is great! When I saw Sebastian in the Off Topic Game I thought “someone should model that critter from the little mermaid” and you did it! I love it. Haven’t seen the movie in a long time either, but my neighbor has a stuffed Sebastian in her car so that reminds me every time I see it.

Thank you so much for your comments guys. Im close to being finished, just a few more adjustments and materials and it will be a finished product :smiley: Here it is:

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My motivation came from Andy’s comment about just seeing it finished…rather than it taking up space on your HD…lol.

Ok I think I may be finished with good old Sebastian. Here is the latest image updated with materials. C&C is greatly, indubitably appriciated. :smiley:

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Somone told me they couldn’t see it, and I think it was because of their computer. But if you can’t see it, please tell me so I can fix it :smiley:

thats a good model! i would like to see a wire.

Wow, a comment, lol. Thankyou alot :smiley: Here is a wire, its subsurfed of course :smiley: If you would like another angle, or the non suburfed wires just request and I will render them up for ya :smiley: Im waiting for more comments before I decide wether or not its finished, and if im going to add a scene.

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Thats nice! You can turn down the spec.
And you really need the add a full scene!
I think your moddel is quite complete.
Succes, BackiZ

please give a wire without subsurf. :wink:

not bad
good idea … try ton make an environment

Thanx for your comments guys :smiley: I will start on a scene, and post a wireframe, and more angles :smiley: