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Why do I post this here? Because I live near Gorleben, the transport passes my house and I have experienced lots of the shit going on here. If you feel so put a candle or some flowers at the next station tomorow evening, 18.00 CET, maybe with a small sign, explaining what happened.


And please! don’t flame this thread…
(and sorry for putting political stuff here)

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I cannot feel sympathy for someone who lies himself on the tracks and gets run over then.

ive been told numerous times that trains are dangerous and very heavy. of course i feel sorry for the poor guy and his family but have you thought about the engeneer? he has seen the man and knew that he couldnt stop. the man is dead now. the engeneer lives.

Of course I have thought about the poor guy who was on the train, especially 'cause my uncle was on a train, too, and experienced suicides twice. What make me angry is that such dangerous cargo isn’t safe. What if it were a bomb instead of a person?


the nuclear container would be intact. ive seen a test where a train crashes at full speed with a wagon carrying a nuclear container. the container was intact and there would be no leaks. (the old train was totaly destroyed). they are conventional bomb proof.

but you must be very stupid to bomb a nuclear waste train. there is enough uranium in russia.

The containers used in this transports are not tested! There are only computersimulations. And bombing such a container and make a leak would make a nice dirty bomb, i think…

Nonviolent resistance must be strategic… though I support what he did, I don’t feel it was well executed. I wish he had used much better planning.

i dont think the engineer could stop, he was carrying a train of nuclear waste last thing you want to do is stop your train in the middle of no where to be ambushed.(sry for my american paranoya :-? )

I’m not sure whether to feel bad for the guy, because he had the nobility to die for his cause, or whether he’s just another stupid idiot like the one’s here in the pacific northwest that really don’t know why railroad tracks are so dangerous.

I bottom line for me is that–though his cause may be noble–his way of going about it doens’t display much intelligence, if any at all.

I would like to mention that this was not a kind of suicide. Usually this kind of actions are well planned, here something went terribly wrong. I have met people who did such action before (this was in 2001, the train stopped just in front of my house, and I had one of these containers within 10 meters from my bedroom window… for about 15 hours) and they don’t seem to be idiots. Activists who do things like that have their security in mind. The police is called before, and warning signals are used to give the train enough space to stop. Time will show what exactly happened here. What bothers me most is that the transport went on, as if nothing happened…


It didn’t stop because someone got pissed off enough to complain to the company shipping it that stopping the train for fifteen hours in front someone’s house was dangerous. Not wanting to cause a huge debacle they just kept going.

Each time one of these activists stops a train it puts a kink in it’s route. Every time a given company ships a tank of the Ye Ol’ Green Goo© months of planning are involved. Every discrepancy and contingency is thought out carefully, plans are made for each one, and for each contingency and discrepancy that occurs in that contingency. Every time they stop that train something could go wrong somewhere that they hadn’t anticipated.

By stopping the train altogether you introduce more dangers than there were before you stopped it, in essence making the problem you set out to fix much worse than before.

And when the police need to come out, file a huge report and generally spend a lot of money it’s going to piss off a lot of people who don’t necessarily agree with you (who may be neutral on the issue!). You are spending their money in the process. This won’t gain their support, it will just anger them.

The containers used in this transports are not tested!

Why would they not test it beforehand? It’s totally asinine not to. So is it a company or the government (or the EU as it seems) that makes and transport’s these things?

Here, in the US of A, they do test them: http://www.nei.org/index.asp?catnum=2&catid=83

Hey dittohead, i think its an interesting tactic.

the goal is not “safety in the short term transportation” but rather “stopping all nuclear power useage”

as a nuclear free country i hope we never go down that road. however i must say that making a nuclear transportation cost 55 million dollars, might be a good way to try to push th price of nuclear power above the “economic level”

dying for this cause is somthing that might be considered worth it. how many people could it save in the future if even 1 powerplant is shut down now.

but hey, i have no sympathy for the guy either.



About the testing, I try if i find some info in english about it. One thing I read is, that the containers used here wouldn’t get a permition for the USA. The transport is made by a company but supported by the german goverment. Thats why for example this time about 10000(!) cops were send to bring it through (Less than usual). And this is something like symbolic, because the people in Gorleben are fighting against the storage of this nuclear waste in their community for about 30 years.
Btw protests like this happen in other countries as well, I know about Japan and Australia, and I think Italy and even the USA.

I don’t want to discuss the whole topic here. Everyone has his opinion, and I’m very biased, because facing police opression and violence, and learning that your goverment doesn’t give a shit about the people here, make you angry and sad, both of it…


Here is some general info:
Sorry, didn’t find some (neutral) info about the testing, I’ll post it, if I find something…

Ooh that’s sad, why make that chain too short. I had made it long enought to be locked to the rails but still jump away and let the train go over the chains. A lot saver and you can continue demonstrating. :-?

The likelyhood: 0 Nuclear power is very safe and the way forward people are just frightened of the word "Nuclear.

Wind power: expensive, ineffective in some areas

Solar power: same deal

Hydro-electric (dams): saving the lil’ fishies costs too much

Coal: too dang stinky and not very clean

Nuclear: clean…until your source begins to die

Oil: stinky, not very clean

Cold-fusion: uhhh, someone needs to get their arse in gear

Alltaken’s heart: hmmm, hrmmm, might not work sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue: (besides that we’d have to get to it from his groin)

Could have been worse. in the UK a guy comitted suicide by parking his car on a level crossing, causing the train to derail, killing the driver of the train and seven passengers.



i saw the total destruction at the news. you realy have to be sick to commit suicide by parking your car on a crossing. if i ever commit suicide (wich ill probably will NEVER do) id jump of a cliff or something.

I think we’ve found another Darwin Awards nominee.

I feel sorry for this guy’s family (if he has one), but he’s a scumbag. Killing himself and sending his family into a period of tragedy to prove a point. (He didn’t even succeed at that)