Sebulba Redux - YAFray render

Hi all. I have rendered a new YAFray version of my Sebulba model with HDRI lighting. Just wanted to see how it would look. Some colour correction done in Photoshop, but that is all.

The eye came out all wrong, but hey, whatcha gonna do? :stuck_out_tongue:


sweet :smiley:

what is this HDRI lighting u speak of

It looks good BgDM but, for me at least, it’s hard to notice the difference without having a normal render to compare it next to. It’s probably just that I can’t notice it, because it isn’t a super-reflective chrome sphere. :slight_smile:

Skeletor: I don’t know much about it, but I think HDRI is where you use a special file called a HDR file (a high-resolution image that contains special data that lights a scene very realistically) as an environment. Sort of like using an image as a world texture, but not the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: is there a way to render the picture so that the hdri pic is not actually SHOWING in the background? I mean, it always ruins it…

oh, and those eyes… little gimp work there and it’s fine…

remember how I said that from now on, you cannot really do anything else than these sebulbas… whatever you try, they will pull you right back in… and look where we are now… eh.? :slight_smile:


I remember that when using extractor, if you didn’t set the world buttons, the tga came out as having 0 alpha for a background, so there must be a way. maybe just set it to RGBA/premul. Nice shadows btw.

Instead of using YaFray’s HDRI, try this from way back when (as a test comparison)… basically, you texture multiple lamps using the same background image as you used in your YaFray render…

You can use different image textures on different lamps to give a full outdoor HDRI “fake” effect directly in Blender without any render time delays… :wink:

Here’s a sample from the “good ole days”…


nice! /me hugs yafray

skeletor: Thanks. HDRI is High Dynamic Range Image. It is used to light the scene with a more realistic lighting than standard lights. Do a google search for it and you will find lots of info online.

three-dee: hehe. Yeah. You usually see nice reflective stuff when you look at yafray renders. Not this time though. You can find my original thread on this here in the Finished Works forum. Just do a search.

basse: lol. I guess you are right. I keep coming back to this damned model! Guess I have to do the whole thing now, eh? :o

Modron: I used to use YableX and it had an alpha option in the GUI. So when I added the HDRI it came out with no BG image. Woeked great. I may have to review some of those old XML files to see if there was a specific line of code that did it.

SysAdm: Thanks for that link. I remember seeing those images a long time ago, (man, days were good times). Thanks for sharing. I may have to play with that method some time.

Prismatic: Thanks.


Hey nice! I love starwars E-1. Its my favorite Episode. Nice job on Sebulba, although it would look more realistic if he had a few more rinkles. Also, in the movie he hade some plastic rings on his flap danglers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice :slight_smile:

And fully textured! Very realistic


very nice!
If I remember well you’ve never animated it, right?
I think we all desire it now…

Verrry nice and weel done, great. :smiley:
It’s a pity it’s only the head… what about to model and texture the rest of the body?

P.S.: and what about to add specularity to the eye?


About HDRI

zgm-html: Thanks. The model got way out of hand for meto be adding more wrinkles. But I do agree that it would help. I also know about the plastic beads on his danglers too. Just never added them in.

S68: Thanks!

jazzroy: I never animated it, no. basse did a small animation test though of the original.

env: Thanks. As for the body, I may do it down the road, but I am working on too many other things now, so not in the very near future. As for the eye, I did not turn on the ray options when I exported, so that is why it looks a little flat.


I forgot but did you write a tut about UV mapping your starwars models??? I know lots of people would love to know how you did it…

Great render BgDM! So good texturing!

How do you use this HDRI in blender/yafray?

macouno: No tute yet. I will do one after the F1 contest is over though. Just not enough time in the day to do it right now.

arangel: Thanks man.

lemmy: You need to edit the xml file by hand currently. There is a thread in the “Other Software” forum here on how to edit the xml file. It is very easy actually. The new release of Blender will allow you to add the HDRI file to the World texture and then export direct though. Will be a lot easier.


Really? AWESOME! :o :smiley: