hi there,
here is my version of sebulba from star wars…
i had some problems with him, not very easy to model :no:

i hope you like it, the end coming soon.
by :wink:

Nice start, are you going to make the complete model or just the head?? Keep with the nice job man!!

thanks man ! i’m going to do only the head, and i hope a nice texture…
see you! :wink:

Very nice, I am looking forward to seeing this finished.

wow thats really good. keep it up XD

P.S. star wars owns uber hard pwnage…

Hey guys!
It’s been a while but I finally got some time to finish the modeling of this little guy.(2years later haha…)
hope you guys will like it, I’m gonna texture him but not now cause I’m kinda busy on other projects.

very nice…

Great modelling, keep it up!

greetings, Kologe

lets see some wires!

Nice modelling, very nice, indeed very nice, nice, nice, nice…All poly i can already see…

thank you guys for the nice comments!

here are some wireframe, it’s a mess :smiley: but I think there are 2/3 triangles only.

Man, I think this looks incredible. I am rigorously studying your wires. Awesome work.