Secession vase

Hey guys

My first ever 3D model, yay! Its not perfect, but hey! Think its kinda sexy, had so much fun with this.

The render is way too clean and not very realistic, I am open to your suggestions, how may I improve it? (Apart from the backdrop :), which I asked about in the Rendering section)

The original vase


Can’t help you with materials, but I love it. Where did you find the original?

You should work on how to add a nice glossy coat to the vase (ways to do that include mixing in a second glossy shader in accordance with fresnal). You would also want to use the glossy anisotropic shader rather than the normal glossy.

For the rest, it really depends on whether you want to try to copy the image or simply use it as inspiration.

Lovely model, you’ve done a great job of matching the shapes and curves to the original! I actually like your blue material better than the original one, it just needs to shine up more like Ace Dragon said. The metal material also needs to darken, shine up, and have some sort of dirtiness too it. Thats a little trickier imo. However if you just go on blendswap and search copper you might be able to find something that you can adjust to suit your needs quite easily.

Also recommend using hdri lighting its the easiest way to be good at lighting without knowing anything about lighting :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys for the replys!

Yeah, its a mix of trying to mimick the lighting and overall feel of the original image AND/BUT also not exactly/add something new/sexy to it :smiley:

For the main blue vase part, there are actually two meshes on top of each other, one with a glass material and the other with the texture… Working on getting to look more glossy as we speak :slight_smile:

Holy shit. This materials thing is fun. No idea what I am doing here :slight_smile: