second camera with different x/y size

hej, is it possible to set the x and y values of a second camera different than the main camera?
I have a minimap on a video texture and i want that to be square, so the input (the second camera) also needs to be square. but i dind`t find a way to change this without changing the settings for the main camera.
help would be apreciated!

try and orthographic camera

that is not an option, because in orthographic mode every object is taken into account even if it is not in the cameras view (objects behind the camera), and my minimap is located under the real map.
tnx for your reply but it isnt an answer to my question:
is it possible to have a second camera with different x/y settings?

i dont think so. I think that you could try view ports and come up with something that way.

mmm, I dont want to use vieuwports because than i dont have good control over the position of the minimap:S. maybe there is a way to change the input with python…
it would be strange if there is a function to display the output of a second camera as a texture, but the plane always has to be the same dimensions as the camera…
is there anybody with a good solution?



is there anywhere a complete function description for the video texture code?