Second Character

This time I’m going for a “cute” character, somewhat stylized.

It started with a cube, and took me quite some time to get a decent base shape to work with. And before that, I had a few files I started and then deleted. I find it very hard to get beyond the ugly phase when creating characters.

Let me know what you think about the proportions and overall anatomy.

Hello! It went really well! I think the neck especialy de colar bone need some fixin, just pull de place where the clavicles meet back.
Also lower lip has a intense line that does not exist. And fo a stylice character, the ear is to realistic.
Keep it going it gets easier with practice.

You’re right about the ear. I need to find a reference to a style I like and I’ll shape it accordingly. And I will soften the line on the lower lip. Thanks! You always help everyone with the characters and anatomy stuff :slight_smile:

Wel… it is my passion! :wink:

Updates: I first changed the facial expresion to a closed smile. But then decided to go all the way with the geeky look, so gave her an open smile to reveal braces :slight_smile:
Plus, working on the clothing.
And could really use your opinions on the smile. Thanks!