Second Digital painting, tablets are still for pansies!

Here is my second work done in photoshop, i painted it with mouse.
Because i had to buy a new bike my dreams of a tablet are still quite far away :smiley:
But in one way it motivated me a little to do more painting with mouse.
This painting took 10 minutes so i think it qualifies as a speedpaint.
I am working on a third image on and off right now but i have loads of school but on this upcoming i am spending a little time.

WARNING!: Due to some wrong settings with pixel resolution the picture turned out huge so it might take some time to load. Critique is welcome but i dont think i will work more on this but take the advice to the next one :slight_smile:

Pretty good, but a little boring. With a tablet you could put a lot more detail into that, making it more interesting. Keep practicing.

hehe thanks, yeah i know, i used a big brush :smiley:
I actually thought of making it a lot more detailed with trees on the hills and reflections in the water and so on but it was a little too hard.
When i do something similar i will definately have this is mind, thanks for the advice!

i am working on the other piece at the moment, have been writing a stupid social studies essay for 4 hours now and im done but i canโ€™t sleep sso iโ€™m painting instead :wink: