Second (game) model ever... WIP

I am by no means good =P and i know this model is not pro at all… but im trying my best to emulate a Warcraft 3 / Starcraft 2 style…

CC is welcome =)


Nice one, :wink:
With a little more AO bake and concrete texture Your bunker would be awesome!!
And yeah, proportion and style was so WarCraft3.

Thanks! yea like i said im terrible at textureing >_> if anyone wants to help with the textures, i can send you the Photoshop files =P

I think the topology is great for a game prop.
Game art is all about texturing.
I can help you a bit.
U use gimp i.s.o. photoshop.
When you finaly know how to do it, its a piece of cake :smiley:
Give me a PM if you want me to help.
It isnt that hard to make textures.


I had to redo the whole thing pretty much, here are some better renders

Superb modeling on the second one.

yes, the modeling on the second one is good.
use raytraced AO, though
it’ll look much better, with less tweaking (especially for the final textures)

hehe the reason i didnt raytrace it was because it takes forever for my poor laptop to render a raytraced AO =P

the first render took about 4 seconds, this raytraced one took 2minutes and 30 seconds

it was worth it, though. :slight_smile:
and honestly, 2:30 is quite fast

edit: sorry, my bad
not too long ago, i rendered a still that took 14 hours.
and i’ve heard of renders that ran for several days

lol no the laptop is new… i just thought that was a long time =P i got it two weeks ago, but thanks all for the good comments =D

O_O thats ridiculous… if it looks like it is gonna take that long, ill put it on meh gaming pc and then render it

if anyone knows of some good tutorials on how to do a fan (mainly the blades) that would be awesome

not specifically, but there are lots of good tutorials at blendernation links