Second House

Hi guys.
Wanted to post my first conceptual art piece this time, however after weeks of deliberating, researching the arts and trying to come up with an original idea, i found myself starting another boring house! Its harder then i thought.
This house took me 3 days with Blender Internal.
Any comments/crits before posting it in Finished Projects would be appreciated.

hi, really nice work…from me not so much to comment. But some:
1 - the steps from the garage are going into grass - it would be nice to have also some small path or some other solution.
2 - The swimming pool - very good idea but it took me little bit to fing it there. And because of it is so nice idea I would highlight somehow the swimming pool (maybe little bit lighter water, or some additional items…fontaine maybe some aquaduct,…)…

but VERY good idea + modeling + rendering !!!

Thnx for the comment.
Excellent suggestions.

Any other comments? Maybe on lighting?