Second Human Head

Here’s my first presentable human head. i modeled one a while back but it was terrible. anyway, i made this one by followingthis tut. the ears are not modeled yet though. i added a simple procedural skin texture. here they are! (oh, by the way, the side view is an ortho rendering, helps see the shape better.)

The bit under his eye near the outer edge needs to come forward to give his cheek more volume. His eyebrows need to be less sharp too. Something doesn’t look quite right between the edge of the mouth and the cheek too.

From the wireframe, it looks like the topology is fairly clean in the middle of the face but I can’t see it all that well. On the side of the head, there looks like there are quite a few areas that could be use some better faceloops. If you can post a low poly wire, it would be easier to find them.

It’s a very good start though. I think this could turn out well.

Here’s the low-poly wire pic.

OK, I’ve tried to put some possible changes onto the image. Some are pretty hard to see though. Bascally, the red circles mean to select the edge that is circled and merge it using alt-m. The zig-zag means a line that isn’t needed. The arrow is to merge two points with alt-m.

Now the problem is that I don’t know what geometry you want included e.g. what the ear will look like or if you want the forehead to have geometric wrinkles as opposed to a bump map but I’ll try to get the loops flowing more smoothly so that if you need more geometry, you should really just have to do a face-loop cut:

If you’d prefer, you could upload the blend file and I would make changes on one side of the face and you could compare with the other. If it’s mirrored, I will duplicate the head and make the changes.

Also, when it comes to the ear, I recommend using makehuman’s ear. You can try and model one yourself but it’s really more trouble than it’s worth.