Second Life introduces mesh import feature compatible with Blender

Players of the social MMO game “Second Life” will soon be able to upload mesh models in COLLADA 1.4 format. Open beta testing of the feature will begin on Oct 13th.

Mesh import will extend Second Life’s traditional building system for in-game content which for the most part has been based on geometric primitives (“prims”). The new feature is expected to improve the overall look of the virtual world which, due to the prim-based environment, had a tendency to look flat and non-organic. Imported models can be used like normal prims, i.e. they can be linked with other objects, enhanced with scripts, attached to avatars or turned into physical objects such as vehicles. They can also be rigged to the avatar skeleton (for clothes that bend when the avatar moves) and optionally replace the entire default avatar mesh (to create non-human avatars such as aliens, monsters, cartoon characters etc.).

Announcements on the SL blog:

Second Life: Next Steps for Mesh Import
Second Life: Mesh Open Beta Begins on October 13th

Documentation of the mesh import feature:

Some videos:

A Brief Look at Second Life Mesh Support
Designing Avatars in Second Life Using Mesh Import
Mesh Imports in Second Life (Example for Maya users)

It’s about time. I just hope they don’t screw this up like they did with the sculpty prims they introduced a long time ago. They provided little to no documentation on that and it seemed only certain people with insider info could create the best possible content with those fiddly things. But as they’re supporting COLLADA, this appears promising especially after having had a peek at some of those screenshots. I love the level of wank and QQ’ing going on in the comments. People are crying about how it’ll yank the rug out from under the businesses of those who aren’t good with professional tools and have slaved for so many years becoming a master at just the prim system alone. :rolleyes: