Second Life Sculpt Maps: Unable to bake or create UV image

Downloaded Blender today. I’m trying to make sculpt maps for Second Life. Have made an object but cannot figure out how to export it for SL. I’ve looked at various tutorials online but I don’t seem to have the options they refer to. Two video tutorials on YouTube tell me to Render - Bake Sculpt Mesh, but I don’t have a Bake Sculpt Mesh option in the Render drop-down menu. Another tutorial in a blog has a complex step by step explanation on how to create a UV image, but again when I follow the instructions they refer to options I don’t have.
Any pointers would be appreciated.

Most probably all info you will find about Sculpties is for older versions of Blender. Just download Blender 2.49b from and the old PrimStar 1.0 scripts (for free) from . That’s pretty much where I stopped with the Sculpties and I remember it was easy.

My only advice is: Forget about Sculpties. Lot of constraints like, for example, I’m quite sure you won’t be able to do anything with the object you made because it wasn’t created by PrimStar… Non-compatible geometry and the script will just fail silently. The same happens also if you try to delete/add vertices. And in the end, all you get is a twisted mesh which appears in-world through inefficient and tortuous ways. Just do some “real” meshes instead. The Land Impact isn’t such a big monster that can’t be dealt with.