Second Life Sculpted Prims

These scripts have been around for awhile, but I finally got around to creating some proper documentation for my Blender scripts for Second Life Primitives on the net.

The scripts add support for Second Life Sculpted Prims by adding a number of new options for creating, importing, baking and exporting to the Blender menus.

Sculpties are like a cross between subsurf and nurbs modelling, the mesh positions are baked to a .tga file where red, green and blue represents the X, Y and Z local co-ordinates in an absolute position displacement map.

Working with Sculpties partly reverses the normal workflow in Blender. Because the final form is an image, the scripts automatically create a “sculptie” uv layer when you add a sculpt mesh. It’s a good learning experience figuring out what you can and can’t do during modelling with a UV mapped model. It’s quite a relief to finish modelling and not to have to start unwrapping as it’s already done :slight_smile:

Wiki Update.
Added just the one script to the wiki so far & listed the scripts.
thanks, these scripts are quite useful.
are you getting many Second Life users using Blender & your script?

Will it let me take preexisting meshes and turn them into sculpties?

Not unless your mesh already has the proper UV and vertex layout. You could try using the shrinkwrap SVN, but the best results will come from reshaping a new mesh to match the old shape.